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All slide image content courtesy of Futura | Behance

All slide image content courtesy of Futura | Behance

Present is designed for teams, with features that let you view, create, and edit each other's work. Because all content within a team's account is viewable by all members, it's extremely important to us that we protect your privacy. As such, we ask that you carefully follow these steps in order for us to create a Present Beta invitation for your colleagues. 

1. Ask the coworkers whom you'd like to invite to create an account with us from their work email address. 

2. Check that they have completed Step 1 because we otherwise can't add them to your team

3.  Enter the following information: 

Your name *
Your name
Your coworker's name: *
Your coworker's name:

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to email us at 

Thank you!